Welcome to Mysterious Ways, a shrine devoted to providing correct information regarding everyone's favourite trickster priest, Xelloss. Xelloss is one of the leading characters in Slayers, an anime and manga series created by Hajime Kanzaka and Rui Araizumi.

Many people who are fans of Xelloss often overlook the fact that he is genuinely an evil character, despite the fact that he always looks cheerful. As the old saying goes, don't judge a book by it's cover. Mysterious Ways is here to remind people about Xelloss' true nature. Some have mistaken this site to be an anti-Xelloss shrine. On the contrary, I happen to like Xelloss a lot and this site in no form slanders the character. I believe it's a waste of time to create a detailed site about something you hate.

This is the archived version of Mysterious Ways. This means that the site will no longer be updated because everything that could be done has already been done. There's not much else that I can add to this site and as opposed to shutting it down completely or worry about the lack of updates, I have decided to provide an archived edition of the site.


The current layout for Mysterious Ways is horizontal as opposed to vertical (like most sites are). In order to view the content of this site, you will have to use the scroll bar found at the bottom of your browser. Otherwise, this site functions like any other. I hope you enjoy the change of pace! Below are the links to the content of the site.


Introduction... A brief description of Xelloss and his role in the series. Also includes delicious vital stats.

Personality... A rather in-depth look at the personality of a very complex character and the way he acts.

Powers & Abilities... Xelloss' various powers and abilities are looked at in-depth and also takes a look at how mazoku function.

Equipment... Like any decent traveler, Xelloss has a variety of different objects that he carries with him. Learn about them here.


History... Being as old as he is, Xelloss has quite a history behind him. Find out about what happened before he makes his appearance in Slayers NEXT.

Traveling Companions... Throughout Slayers, Xelloss ends up traveling with a variety of personalities. Take a look at how they get along.

Juu-oh Zelas Metallium... Itching to know more about the one who Xelloss calls Lord and Master? Then check out this section for more info.

Frequently Asked Questions... Many of the misconceptions regarding Xelloss are cleared up in this section. Check it out; even if you think you know all there is to know, you may learn something new!


Image Gallery... Browse through a fairly decent sized collection of images featuring Xelloss.


Music... Slayers has some of the best music in the anime scene and Xelloss' image songs and themes are no exception.

Desktop Wallpaper... What better way to show your appreciation for Xelloss by covering your desktop in his image?

AIM Buddy Icons... Express to the world just how much you like Xelloss by using these great AIM Buddy Icons.

Sound Clips... Wondering just what Xelloss sounds like in Japanese or English? Try downloading these awesome sound clips to find out.

Busting Out... A look at Xelloss' more feminine side. Features an all-exclusive interview with Xelloss himself!

Survival Guide... From the depths of his very own mind, Xelloss has published a survival guide for us hopeless humans. Check it out! It's only $29.95!



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