Juu-oh, from the Slayers TRY opening. Name: Juu-oh Zelas Metallium
Age: At least 5000.
Minions: Xelloss, Seigram
Location: Wolf Pack Island
Hobbies: Smoking, Drinking (?)

Also known as the Greater Beast and the Beastmaster, Juu-oh Zelas Metallium is the one responsible for Xelloss' creation. Seigram, too, was her minion until he betrayed her to join Maryuu-oh Gaav and gain more power. She is ever shrouded in a veil of mystery, more than Xelloss ever has been, and not much is known about her. However, we are fortunate that there is more information regarding Juu-oh than there is with Kai-oh Dolphin or Ha-oh Grausherra.

Juu-oh is one of the five mazoku lords under the command of the Dark Lord himself, Ruby Eye Shabranigdu. In the Kouma War, roughly one thousand years ago, Mei-oh Phibrizo plotted to resurrect the Dark Lord that rested in Lei Magnus. Mei-oh positioned four of the five mazoku lords in different places upon the continent, to create a barrier that would weaken the power of the ryuzoku and give advantage to the mazoku. Juu-oh was placed on Wolf Pack Island, to the east.

It appears as if wolves are Juu-oh's symbol. It is rumored that wild wolves under her command roam Wolf Pack Island. Juu-oh herself has the ability to change her form into that of a large wolf with eagle wings. Whether or not this is her true form is debatable.

Juu-oh Zelas Metallium Juu-oh makes many appearances for a mysterious being such as herself. She appears in both opening sequences for Slayers TRY and Slayers NEXT and later in the epilogue of episode twenty-six of Slayers TRY. Unfortunately, these are the only appearances Juu-oh will ever make in the anime. She has made appearances in other media as well. She has appeared in the Slayers game for the Super Famicon (Slayers SFC) as a boss character your party needs to fight. More importantly, she appears in the fifteenth Slayers novel, The Demon Slayers.

In the anime, Juu-oh is shown to be a dark-skinned woman, with long, flowing hair of silver. She wears an elegant gown and her wrists and ankles are adorned with many bracelets. She is constantly smoking when we see

her. In Slayers SFC, she has the same appearance as in the anime. Her appearance is quite different in the novels, however. Her hair is blonde and short-cropped, and she is described as wearing normal traveling clothes, carries no weapons, and has a "keen" look about her.

As mentioned before on other parts of this site, mazoku do not generally chose to use magic that comes from an outside source. However, there are various black magic spells that call on the power of the mazoku lords. Only one spell calls forth Juu-oh's power: Zelas Brid. The caster can create a beam of light that can be moved by will. The attack is stronger than Dynast Bras and it requires more power to cast. Even Lina herself can't cast Zelas Brid without the help of the Demon Blood Talismans.

Contrary to popular belief, Zelas Gort is not a spell that uses Zelas' power. While it is classified as a black magic spell, it's a spell that summons many jellyfish and was created by Naga the White Serpent.

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