This is a list of frequently asked questions about Mysterious Ways, as well as their answers. Please be sure to read this list fully before contacting me! The list is here so that you might find an answer to a common question you have without having to contact me. If you send an e-mail containing a question that's already answered here, it will be ignored and deleted. Thanks for your cooperation! ^^

How long have you been into Slayers?
That's a hard question to answer since I've been a Slayers fan for a very long time now. I think it was in late 1997 or early 1998 that I first saw the series... and I've been a fan ever since. ^^

Is Xelloss your favourite character?
Actually, no, he's not. That position goes to Zelgadiss (and next would come Valgarv). I really do like Xelloss though. XD He's such an awesome character, even though he's not my number one favourite.

Is this site an anti-Xelloss shrine?
Believe it or not, but I've had this misconception before... (there's some kind of irony in a misconception about a site that wants to clear up misconceptions on a character... XD;) Just because Mysterious Ways tries to set things straight by claiming Xelloss as an evil character, doesn't mean that the site is anti-Xelloss in any way. If that was the case, you wouldn't find all sorts of pro-Xelloss multimedia to download here and there'd be a lot of "Xelloss sucks, I hate him!" messages floating around the site. ^^;

Could you put more images up in your gallery?
Sorry, but what you see is what you get. There are only so many Slayers related images in existence, you know! I try my best to offer as many images as I can and considering that the gallery has at least 80 individual images, I'd say I'm doing a fairly decent job. In the future, if time permits, I may consider making a manga scan or anime screenshot gallery... but that wouldn't be for a long time yet, seeing as I have a lot of other things to do.

Can I use your layout for my own site?
Absolutely not. The layout for Mysterious Ways is something I created for this site alone and can't be used for any other sites. If I find that you have taken it for your own site, I will take action against it because that would be plagiarizing. Trust me, making your own layout for your web site is much more rewarding.

Would you make me custom graphics for my site?
Unfortunately, no, I can't. While I'm flattered that anyone would want me to make a graphic for them, time just doesn't permit me to make graphics for everyone who wants them. Sorry!

Can I use the images in your gallery?
Since I did not scan the images from the gallery in myself (I obtained all of them from free galleries), feel free to use them on your own site. I did edit a lot of them so a link back to Mysterious Ways, to let people know where you got the images from, would be appreciated. Otherwise, you should check out my credits list and get the images directly from the source.

Can I use your wallpapers and icons on my site?
No! The wallpapers, AIM buddy icons and other custom graphics that I have made for Mysterious Ways, while free to use for your own personal use, were created to make this site original. If you took them for your own site, it would defeat that purpose, wouldn't it? If I find that you have taken them, I will take action against it since this is, again, plagiarism.