This is a small collection of sound clips of Xelloss in both original Japanese and English dub versions of the anime. If you're wondering what the Trickster Priest may sound like, this is the place to check it out at. For more information on his voice actors (both Japanese and English), click here.

The following .WAV files can be found at Patches' Patched Together Slayers Sound Archive. I thank the owner of this site for letting me use these clips. ^^ Also, the sound clips are hosted at so please download no more than one at a time!

Season: Slayers NEXT
Size: 0:09, 97.4kb
Xelloss tells Lina the name of the gang he's going after: The Macho Battlers. Lina is less than thrilled about it.

Season: Slayers NEXT
Size: 0:11, 119kb
Xelloss talks with his mouth full. Charming, isn't he?

Season: Slayers NEXT
Size: 0:06, 70.0kb
Xelloss teleports to Zelgadiss, startling Lina at his sudden disappearing act.

Season: Slayers NEXT
Size: 0:02, 30.3kb
Xelloss speaks in english.

Season: Slayers NEXT
Size: 0:04, 46.2kb
Amelia: "I know it seems sudden, Lina-san, but I'm ready to play!"
Xelloss: Hello!

Season: Slayers TRY
Size: 0:20, 160kb
Xellos: "So, tell me, Filia, how's the Fire Dragon King these days?"
Filia: "Aaaaaaahhhh!! Don't set one foot outside this line, you creep!"
Xellos: "That hurt."
Filia: "Don't try to follow us or you'll be sorry! And I mean it!"
Xellos: "...Oo-kaaay..."

Season: Slayers TRY
Size: 0:20, 156.0kb
Xellos: "Anou... Filia-san, was it? So, how's Karyuuou-san these days?"
Filia: "AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Don't set one foot outside this line! You cockroach! You NAMAGOMI!"
Xellos: "Namagomi?"
Filia: "You come near us and you'll be sorry! Lina-saaaaaaan!!"
Xellos: "....Namagomi....?"

Season: Slayers TRY
Size: 0:11, 86.9kb
Filia: "No! We absolutely must take the path to the right!"
Xellos: "Oh, really? Well, I think the path to the left is the best one!"
Filia: "Ohhhh no."
Xellos: "'Ohhhh no'?"

Season: Slayers TRY
Size: 0:02, 18.3kb
Filia: "This is your fault."
Xelloss: "Eh?"

Season: Slayers TRY
Size: 0:08, 68.4kb
Xellos: "The Ryuuzoku just love to resort to violence when they can't get their way."

Season: Slayers TRY
Size: 0:07, 56.2kb
Lina: "So, so? What else does it say?"
Xellos: "Well, that's..."
Lina: "That's...?"
Xellos: "Something I can't read at all!"
Lina/Zel: "Gaaahhh..."

Season: Slayers TRY
Amelia: "Life is wonderful!"
Gourry: "Living is marvelous!"
Zelgadis: "The world is overflowing with light and joy!"
Xellos: "Psy... psychological warfare!"
Amelia: "It's common knowledge that Mazoku, who thrive on negative human emotions, can't stand it when life is praise with positive feelings! Okay, Xellos-san! You'd better surrender now!"
Xellos: "Oh crap..."
Gourry: "As long as you don't give up, life always finds a way!"
Zelgadis: "No matter how hard life may get, I'll never run from it! Oh, life is so wonderful!"
Xellos: "Um, guys? Come on..."

Season: Slayers PREMIUM
Size: 0:02, 27.8kb
Xellos: "Sore wa... hi-mi-tsu desu!"

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