Throughout Slayers NEXT and Slayers TRY, Xelloss comes and goes as he pleases, though he often becomes a member of Lina's Company. Most of whom he has traveled with consider Xelloss to be annoying, which was, no doubt, Xelloss' plan from the start. Anyhow, let's take a look at the people Xelloss has spent some time with and how his relationship with them stands.

Lina Inverse

Lina Inverse The star of Slayers, Lina is famed for her hot temper and bringing destruction with her wherever she goes. In Slayers NEXT, Xelloss is sent by Mei-oh Phibrizo to watch over Lina and make sure she does not get hurt by Maryuu-oh Gaav. Phibrizo wants to use Lina in his plot to destroy the world. Xelloss never introduced himself as a mazoku until the end of the series but Lina has always had her suspicions.

Like Zelgadiss, Lina often becomes very annoyed with Xelloss and often beats him over the head for it (a signature trait for Lina). Lina is fully aware of Xelloss'


nature but she still allows him to travel with her in Slayers TRY. She knows that he cannot be trusted but she also realizes that Xelloss can be useful for her own plans and uses him to her advantage.

Gourry Gabriev

Gourry Gabriev Devoting himself to be Lina's protector, Gourry often appears to be a very slow-witted yet talented swordsman. It's not often that we see Gourry and Xelloss sharing conversation with each other but whenever they do, it's primarily for comic relief. After all, both characters are rarely serious and both of their concerns are with Lina.

When we do see Xelloss conversing with Gourry, it appears as if Xelloss becomes more flustered than Gourry does. Actually, it doesn't seem as if Gourry is even effected by Xelloss' annoying habits... much to the annoyance of Xelloss. Perhaps this is why the two don't converse too much. However, Gourry believes that if Lina thinks Xelloss is alright, it's good enough for him.


Zelgadiss Greywords

Zelgadiss Greywords A troubled man searching for a cure to his curse, Zelgadiss has become a very pessimistic individual who has a hard time trusting people. When Xelloss first appeared, Zelgadiss is skeptical of the Priest's intentions... his skepticism is rewarded at the end of the episode when Xelloss destroys his recently received copy of the Claire Bible.. right in front of his face. It's a bitter relationship between these two.

Zelgadiss is always weary about Xelloss' intentions but it seems as if, by Slayers TRY, he has gotten used to Xelloss' treachery. Perhaps it's because he has more important matters to think about or maybe it's because he's used to Xelloss' old tricks. Either way, Zelgadiss has come to tolerate Xelloss to some extent.

Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune

The youngest of the group, Amelia is a girl who thrives on justice. So it makes sense that she's morally opposed to


Xelloss after she finds out what he really is. A bit naive, she has attempted to get Xelloss to give up his ways... of course, that's impossible for Xelloss since he is completely evil.

Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune Before finding out that Xelloss was a mazoku, Amelia appeared to enjoy his company. The two had even paired up in a game of ancient tennis. However, any remnants of a friendship that was between the two then is now gone. Amelia and Xelloss couldn't be any more different. Amelia has even been the source of Xelloss' downfall in battle once, through the shouting of the phrase "Life is wonderful!" In any case, it appears that the two tolerate each other but also avoid interacting together.

Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova

Martina Zoana Mel Navratilova Appearing only in Slayers NEXT, Martina is the vengeful princess of a ruined kingdom and has a score to settle with Lina Inverse. According to Martina, when she was being attacked by bandits, Xelloss appeared and saved her.


Since then, she has been wildly in love (or so she claims) with the Priest.

Martina's love for Xelloss lasted until she found out that he was a mazoku. Martina may be vengeful but she has a good heart and finding out Xelloss' secret was a big blow to her. She cried that she would never love again, but we all know that's not true in Martina's case. It seems as if Martina has a burning hatred towards Xelloss, more hatred than what she has for any other mazoku.

Filia Ul Copt

Filia Ul Copt Appearing in Slayers TRY, Filia is the strong-willed priestess of the Golden Ryuzoku. However, unlike most of her kind, she is not terrified at Xelloss. In fact, she is downright angry with Xelloss! Through their travels, Filia and Xelloss are constantly arguing with each other out of pure hatred. It makes sense since Xelloss is responsible for the downfall of thousands of Filia's kind.

It seems as if Filia is the only individual who has ever


frustrated Xelloss. On many occasions, she has gotten so angry towards Xelloss that she transformed into her dragon form to try to kill Xelloss (or at least maim him severely). She is also the one who has coined "namagomi" (raw garbage) as Xelloss' new nickname.


Valgarv The antagonist of Slayers TRY, Valgarv is Maryuu-oh Gaav's follower and is half ryuzoku, half mazoku and all powerful. Xelloss was sent out to recruit Valgarv for the mazoku but when Valgarv refused, Xelloss' orders changed and he was to kill Valgarv at any cost.

At any time through the series when both Valgarv and Xelloss appear together, they fight. Of course, it isn't just any old battle... it's a fast-paced one involving two incredibly powerful individuals. Valgarv hates Xelloss because of his (and the mazoku's) treachery towards Maryuu-oh Gaav. It's hard to say who's more powerful, but their spectacular battles are something else altogether.