A lot of people tend to chat over instant messaging systems... AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) is such a system, but it offers a way of making yourself unique: Buddy Icons. Buddy Icons are small, 48x48 pixel images that appear in the left-hand corner of the chatting window. Others see this Buddy Icon, so why not show how much you like Xelloss by having your very own Xelloss Buddy Icon? Please use these for personal use only.

To use, simply click on the Buddy Icon of your choice. A confirmation window will appear, click "OK." That is all you have to do. Your Buddy Icon will have automatically changed to the one you have chosen here.

If clicking on the icon does not work for you, you will have to save the icon to your hard drive. Then, go to AIM and select People -> Select Buddy Icon. Once you're there, make sure you have "*My Buddy Icon*" selected and then click "Browse PC." Go to the place where you saved the icon, select it and hit "OK". Make sure everything is satisfactory and then hit "OK" once more. And you're done..!