Slayers has some pretty rocking music. Here you will find mp3s for Xelloss' image songs and background music. Where applicable, lyrics are also provided. All mp3s were found on Napster (when it was popular) and Direct Connect and lyrics were provided from Angel's Slayers Lyrics.

On previous versions of Mysterious Ways, I used to provide mp3s of the following music for visitors to download and listen to. However, since hosting these mp3s on free servers is practically impossible, the only other option I had was to upload them to The amount of bandwidth that these mp3s have taken up is extraordinary and they take up quite a large amount of space that could be used for other sites.

So, with that in mind, the mp3s are no longer a part of Mysterious Ways. I'm really sorry to inconvenience anyone but I've found that people can easily find these popular mp3s on various file sharing programs like Direct Connect, Kazaa, WinMX and so on, so forth. There will be no more mp3s but I will continue to keep the song information and lyrics posted here as a resource. Thank you for your co-operation. ^^

Secret ~ Daneka no Message
(Secret ~ Somebody's Message)
Album: Slayers NEXT Sound Bible III
Lyrics: English, Japanese
Size: 4:56, 4.27mb

But But But
Album: Slayers TRY Treasury VOX
Lyrics: English, Japanese
Size: 4:44, 3.76mb

Sore wa Himitsu Desu
(That Is A Secret)
Album: Slayers NEXT Sound Bible II
Lyrics: Not Applicable
Size: 1:10, 1.1mb

Xelloss, Shin no Sugata
(Xelloss, His True Self)
Album: Slayers NEXT Sound Bible II
Lyrics: Not Applicable
Size: 1:15, 1.06mb

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