Xelloss Survival Guide: Only $29.99! Click for bigger picture! Xelloss has so kindly donated his time to write out this survival guide for his loyal fans and followers! Learn advice and how to survive in the wild world, Xelloss-style! With this guide, you too can live life just like Xelloss himself, for a low price of $29.99! If you order now, we'll even throw in an auto--*gets bapped* Oi, alright, alright.. I'll shut up now. ^_^ Here's an excerpt from Xelloss' Survival Guide..

Rule #1:  Disclose nothing important. 9_9; When disclosing information, be sure that you leave out the most essential parts. It keeps things interesting. ^_^

Rule #2:  Avoid big, burley, red-haired men in trenchcoats. If you happen to come across them, annoy the hell out of them, and then run like hell.

Rule #3:  Don't wear underwear. It surprises people when they ask you 'boxers or briefs?' And it saves you from having to do extra laundry.

Rule #4:  When in doubt, repeat after me: 'Sore wa himitsu desu.'

Rule #5:  Always wear a smile. Nobody likes to be around frowny-faced people. It gives a sense of cheerfulness 24/7.

Rule #6:  Avoid dragon ladies.. they're usually more trouble then they're worth.

Rule #7:  Obey your master, for she is stronger then you, and can kill you. You don't want that to happen. Obey, and make her happy.

Rule #8:  Play tricks. Not only does it relax you, it gives you a good time, as well as annoy others. ^_^

Rule #9:  Eat, drink, be merry! You may not have to do this, but it tricks others and misleads them. They'll start thinking, 'Hey, that person's just a normal human!'

Rule #10:  Humans are gullible. Remember this, and you shall forever get out of sticky situations. Lie convicingly enough, and they may even sympathize with you. ^_^

Xelloss uses his book to show Lina and Gourry the ropes.

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