Have a Xelloss site of your own? Then please consider linking to Mysterious Ways. You don't have to ask! A text link is fine, but feel free to use the following images to link back to this site. Thank you!

The making of character shrines is a bit of a dying hobby these days, so the number of Slayers shrines out there is fairly small. Feel free to check out these awesome links for more Slayers-related content, however. :D

Xelloss Related Sites:
Demonic Fiend - Another Xelloss shrine.
Masked Love - A shrine to Xelloss x Filia.
Greater Beast - A shrine to Xelloss' master, Zellas.

Other Slayers Sites:
Dramata.org - A Slayers website collective.
Chimera Kage - My Zelgadiss shrine.
Let's Fight! - My Valgarv shrine.
KanzakaDex - An informative Slayers wiki.
QP's Slayers Page - Excellent source of information.
Slayers Universe - Another general Slayers info site.
The Sea of Chaos - More info and great fanart.

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