Image Gallery - Contains a large selection of images from both anime and manga, featuring Xelloss in some way or another.

Music - It's pretty common for popular series like Slayers to have a variety of music including image songs by the characters. Xelloss has a few such songs and you can download them here in this section, along with his background music. Also includes lyrics for songs applicable.

Wallpaper - Decorating your desktop with Xelloss-themed wallpaper is an excellent way to show your appreciation for his character! You can find an assortment of wallpapers of different resolutions right here.

Icons & Avatars - A wide assortment of AIM Buddy Icons as well as LiveJournal and forum avatars featuring Xelloss can be found in this section.

Sound Clips - Curious as to what Xelloss sounds like in either Japanese or English? Or maybe you just want a sound clip to use for something in particular... well, find a few clips of Xelloss in both languages here.

Busting Out - It's true; Xelloss really does look better in a dress than any of the other female characters in Slayers! Learn more about Xelloss' feminine side here with an interview with the mysterious priest himself!

Survival Guide - Providing a way of living for us hopeless humans, Xelloss has published his very own "Survival Guide" for a mere price of $29.95! Check it out right here!