Introduction - Wondering just who exactly Xelloss is? Get a basic introduction to his character as well as the generic vital stats that make every character shrine complete.

Personality - Xelloss is a very complex sort of character. This section offers an in-depth look into his personality to get a better look at the reasons for the way he acts.

Powers & Abilities - This section takes a look at Xelloss' powers and abilities as a mazoku. It's also a helpful section for learning about how mazoku function, power-wise, in general.

Equipment - Learn about the variety of different objects that Xelloss carries with him throughout the duration of his appearance in Slayers, from his staff to the Demon Blood Talismans.

History - Being as old as he is, Xelloss has quite a detailed and interesting history behind him. Find out about the events which Xelloss had a part in, before he makes his first appearance in Slayers NEXT

Relationships - Xelloss travels and interacts with quite a few characters as the series goes on. Learn about his relationships - both good and bad - with the other characters in the series.

Juu-oh Zelas Metallium - If you're curious to learn more about Xelloss' lord and creator, Zelas Metallium, be sure to check out this section for more information on her!

Misconceptions - There are a lot of misconceptions regarding Xelloss, be it his full name or who he's best suited for romantically. This section clears up these misconceptions so be sure to check this out; even if you think you know it all, you may learn something new!