There are a few rules that you should look over before you decide to join this FL. There aren't many of them and they're all very simple so please read them in full before carrying on. ^^

1.) List your country. It's a requirement of The Anime Fanlistings that all members list the country they live in if they are to be listed on the members page.

2.) Provide a valid e-mail address. This is so that I may contact you should anything change with this FL. This too is a requirement of The Anime Fanlistings. Don't worry though, if you don't want your e-mail to be shown publically, you have the option of it not being displayed on the members list.

3.) No direct-linking. If you plan on using one of the codes, please upload it to your own server. Otherwise, you'll be stealing bandwidth from my domain, which ends up costing me money. ^^

4.) If you have a web site, put up a code button. You don't have to have a web site to join this FL but if you do have one, please link back to this FL by using one of the code buttons or a text link.

5.) No offensive material on your site. If your web site has any offensive material (racism, homophobia, hardcore pornography, etc), it will not be listed on the member list although your other information will be left intact. Although, as long as there is a warning somewhere on your site, any 18+ fandom material is welcome.