A fanlisting is just what you may think it is: it's a listing of fans for a certain subject. In the case of this fanlisting, the subject is Xelloss from the anime and manga series, Slayers. The main goal of this fanlisting (and all other fls too) is to create the biggest listing of Xelloss fans from all over the world. The concept of the fanlistings was created by the people at The Fanlistings, so if you'd like to learn more about fanlistings in general, be sure to check them out. ^^ This fanlisting was approved by The Anime Fanlistings, which deals with all of the anime and manga fanlistings.

This particular fanlisting was previously owned by Ilona and was called Sore wa Himitsu Desu. She had put it up for adoption and many people applied for it but I was lucky enough to be the one who got to adopt it. ^^ The only reason for the name change was because I wanted to encorporate the fanlisting into my already existing Xelloss shrine. You can still find all of Ilona's codes up in the codes section, however. Many thanks goes to her for chosing Mysterious Ways as the new home for the Xelloss fanlisting. ^^

If you're curious to know more about Xelloss, I encourage you to take a look around the main shrine located here. All sorts of information and multimedia downloads can be found there and is a good place for Xelloss fans to check out (or at least, that's what I like to think). You can also contact me from the main shrine as well. :3