Mysterious Ways was first opened to the public on September 27, 1999. Xelloss was a favourite character at the time, but it was a while after being introduced to him that I decided to make a shrine to him. I already had a shrine to Zelgadiss, which was enough for the time being. However... after a while, it really started to bother me that there were so many misconceptions about Xelloss floating around among fans. People called him "Xelloss Metallium," thought he was a coward, thought he was a good guy, etc. In an attempt to clear up these misconceptions, I decided to make a web site where people could get the real deal.

It's kind of a weird reason for someone to make a shrine to a character, I guess... but I think my efforts have been really successful. Mysterious Ways, when it first opened, had it's problems like any other site. The layout wasn't all that great compared to the ones I've been making during the last year and the content was less than stellar. Heck, even I had a few misconceptions posted up on this site that were either pointed out to me by friends or clever visitors, or were realized by myself as my knowledge of Slayers grew. As the years passed, the information slowly became corrected and expanded into what you see today.

I think I can say with 100% assurance that everything you find on this site is accurate to the information found in the anime, manga and novels. Much information about mazoku in general is left out of the anime, but is covered in the novels... so I've tried my best to make this site a good, solid resource for Xelloss fans everywhere.

As for the title of this site, Mysterious Ways... well, it happened that when I decided to make the site, I was also listening to U2 a lot and felt that the song "Mysterious Ways" really applied to Xelloss' character. It wasn't so much the lyrics in general, but the refrain itself... "She moves in Mysterious Ways." I know Xelloss isn't female (or even male for that matter) but he really does move in Mysterious Ways. No two ways about it. ^^ So I saw it as a fit name for the shrine.

So... Mysterious Ways has been around for nearly six years as of writing this (July 9, 2004). I hope that it will continue to act as a good resource for new and old fans of Xelloss alike, for many years to come. ^^

DISCLAIMER: Xelloss, Slayers, and all related materials are copyright © 1989 - 2004, Hajime Kanzaka and Rui Araizumi. I don't claim to own any of it; I'm just a big fan. ^^ Mysterious Ways, its layout and content, are copyright © 1999-2004, Tasuki. Please do not take any of it for your own use. Plagiarism is wrong!